Thwarted Desire (2005)

I’m seeing your lips moving bright round and full.
Your tongue flicks easily over your teeth and lips,
catching my eye and making me hold my breath
and I am excited and saddened.
Sometimes I want those lips, those teeth, that tongue,
that beautiful wonderful mouth
but my reasons are selfish, obsessional
and sometimes almost dark with desire.
I want the breath that comes from that beautiful mouth
in slow and controlled bursts,
with purpose and meaning.
I want that voice, that sweet, sweet voice
that responds to every thought.
It changes pitch and volume and speed
like a professional singer or musician.
It’s the one thing I wish I could trade my left eye for.
I say my left, because it’s my bad one
and I need the good one
if I am going to be of any use at a later date.

© Peter Rowe 2005
(Written at Brotherhood 23rd March 2005 with Chrissy Kneen)

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