This poem shows Peter’s progress, in overcoming his fear…


There are many things that hurt us,
but most of them come from ourselves
The things that hurt us the most,
usually come from fear.
We can work against the fear,
but most people choose not to.
Most people see it as their companion and they can’t let go.
Nevertheless, it is this idea that stops us from succeeding.
The idea that we have to hold onto stuff that hurts us is crazy.
Getting rid of it is hard, though,
and most people never do in their lives.
This is because most people are afraid of facing their fears:
afraid of life, without the fear.

This includes me.
I have trouble shaking things off too,
and this is because I need to hold on to something …
and I do not yet have a tight enough hold on hope.

Good things will come though.
I am waiting!
That day is coming soon
when I will run with hope
instead of shaking with fear!

© Peter William Rowe

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