Here, Peter explains what it’s like not being able to speak…

The Words are Sticky …
they stick to my tongue, they stick to my teeth,
they stick to my voice and it’s hard to speak;
they tangle me up and make me choke,
I so want to speak and that’s no joke.

I try and I try, I push and I push,
but the words come out all jumbled and rushed.
I choke on my tongue and sometimes I spit;
I’m trying a word, but that’s just not it.

They’re cheeky and sticky, they just won’t come out,
but they seem much easier to speak when I shout.
I’ll catch them one day, when they all run by,
and then on that day my speaking will fly.

I want you to know I think, just like you,
but my words are all stuck in my mouth, just like glue.
So where is the way to unstick all these thoughts?
I hope that it’s in the Speech Therapy I bought!

© Peter William Rowe 2003

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