The Lifetime Work

The people I see are walking through life with eyes closed.
They want to make everything different,
but they do not know where to begin.

How can they change the world and make it a better place,
without changing themselves?

The things in my life are changing all the time:
I am not the same person I was a year ago.
The loves and hates I had a year ago are different to the ones I have now.

There is no other way to go without making changes,
because there have to be changes with everything
for life to get better.
I want to grow into something beautiful
and I have to change for this to happen.

It is the same for everyone:
There is not one person who does not have to change
in order to get stronger, better and smarter
than they already are.

Can we all give each other some patience while each one of us grows?
It is going to take each of us a lifetime to get where we need to go.

© Peter Rowe 2003
Written with Ryan O’Connor, August 2003

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