I am growing before your eyes
and the reason is the people with me
and I am so glad to be here with you tonight.
The next step is to make this world a better world – together.
What does that mean for you and me
now, and day after day?

Now is the time to say the words I wanted to say for so long,
that I wanted you to hear:
You need to make a path that we can follow.

To be a part is all we want.
Wait, now – this is not quite true …
We have so much to share with you.
We have a unique perspective.
Can you imagine being trapped
year after year, year after year?
This is what happens to us.

The road is clear now,
but you must believe what is before your eyes.
It is real, it is not a game,
and this is our life, our hopes, our dreams.
Come and take the journey with us;
take the journey with us;
take the journey with us.
© Peter Rowe 2004
Written I.Y.S. AGM 29 OCT 2004
with Linsey Pollak & Terry Delaney (QWERTY)

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