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Peter’s children’s books have proven very popular with young children, and his testimony and creative activities have encouraged and inspired many people in life-changing ways.

The following is some of the FEEDBACK Peter has received:

From Andrew Armstrong, Fulton Trotter Architects: “I first met Peter at the presentation to the winning artists during the Art From The Margins Exhibition in Brisbane in 2010 …. I was so taken by seeing the exhibition and meeting artists such as Peter that I decided to join the steering committee…..

This is an extract from an email I sent to Peter’s mum Betty:
‘I was speaking with the principal last week and he told me of another story about Peter’s books. While reading one of them to a class the teacher asked what they thought the person that wrote the book would be like. After a number of comments from the kids she showed them Peter’s photo and told them about him. Immediately one the kids said that he has like a child in the school that also has Down Syndrome and they were amazed by Peter but also that in their mind the child at the school could someday produce a book like Peter’s.

A great story about breaking down the barriers…. I bet there are many of them.’

Peter has amazing talent and this is reflected in his artwork, his writing and his music. To think that he has achieved what he has and overcome some real difficulties along the way is testament to his passion for all that is creative but also his strength of character and determination.

Through the support of artists like Peter everyone benefits, learns and grows from within. I can only praise Peter and his work and strongly endorse is work both now and into the future.”

Read Andrew Armstrong’s letter in full


The Josh books also proved very popular at St Joseph’s Primary, Tweed Heads… Read a report


Your Inspiring Story from Jo Ross, Yaroomba QLD: “I recently picked up your book Josh Gets Lost from our local library. The bright, eye-catching cover caught my attention. Only when I got it home did I read your inspirational story on the back and then access further information from your website. I felt compelled to write to you to let you know just how much your story moved me and has provided me with further inspiration and motivation to continue along my current path.

My husband and I have been blessed with three beautiful daughters, our second, Jade, had highly complex special needs which remained undiagnosed until her passing a little under three years ago, aged three and a half years. It was believed Jade was suffering from a type of regressive neuromuscular disorder. Whilst Jade never progressed like other children and never spoke a word, she was well aware of her surroundings and the people in her life. Jade was simply a little girl trapped in a body that didn’t work properly. She loved the ocean and being out in nature, one of my fondest memories is of getting caught in a heavy shower on a walk one day and Jade laughing and smiling the whole way home, just like any other little girl. Whilst we never got to the stage of developing formal communication with her I am so very pleased that technology has allowed others, like you, the ability to unleash your hidden creative talents, all of which have given pleasure I am sure to the many children and adults who have encountered your work.

I am now at The University of the Sunshine Coast studying Social Work, hoping that one day I will be able to make a difference to the lives of people living with a disability and their families… I think the fact that your book came into my hands was Jade’s little way of telling me to keep going on this path. Thank you so very much for sharing your story with me.” [email 10 October 2011]


LET’S TALK ABOUT BEING DIFFERENT  Yeah I know this is a children’s book, but what an inspiring story it is, made all the more interesting because it has a deep message for both children and adults. Written by Peter Rowe, a man who has been severely affected with Down Syndrome, with a speech impairment and also having problems with his fine motor skills.

 With a little help from family and friends he has been able to put into words the pain a person feels when he knows that he is different.

 Like most of us, all that Josh wanted was to be accepted by his peers, to join them in whatever they were doing. Because he was different, he was rejected. Not only that, he was also teased and bullied because people did not understand just what he was capable of. It was not until he was pushed and fell, that the right button was activated, and his peers found that Josh had something that they all wanted, so he was then accepted.

 In our society today, people are often labelled and then categorised and put into the “too hard basket”, when with a bit of analyses, we would be able to find a solution to anything that comes our way.

For myself I know that it is so easy to be a victim, but I also know that the only way to feel OK within ourselves is, like Josh, to practice forgiveness and love for the people who have wronged us. Only then can we be right with God.  [Bev, April 2011] (full name withheld)


From Lyn F, Nundah, QLD:  “… My four year old great niece Isabella is an avid reader and has well over a hundred books in her “library”. She now picks one of the Josh book every night for her bedtime story. I also gave a set to my sister’s in-laws children – they live down the coast and 5 year old Alex and 7 year old Tom both go to Somerset College. They took the Josh books along to school a few weeks ago as part of the school’s “celebrating literature” week and haven’t had them back since! The books have gone right through the whole prep class and are now doing the rounds of the Grade 2 class. The kids love them.” [email 10 October 2011]

Katherine Price wrote: “Hey pete! I have read them all (Josh books) and loved the meanings to them all. They are wonderful and enriching for children. Keep up the good work… ” [Facebook Sept.2012]

Leah Perisce, Brisbane:  “Hi Peter. My name is Leah and I work with several service providers across Brisbane to support individuals with a disability. I first heard about your journey a few years ago when I was researching the events at Bribie Island. I am studying psychology and have always wanted to use my training and degree to assist other people to see the beauty within themselves, and to achieve all they can. 

You are a perfect example of a brave individual coming out of adversity to create beauty and inspire those around him despite the barriers put up against you by society. You have reached out to the community and made everyone around you better for it, including myself, although I have never met you.

Hats off to you, Peter, and keep on doing what you’re doing. Even though you might not realise it, your story and your actions touch people all around Australia and help the fight against discrimination.”  [email 18 August 2011]

Miriam Johnson, Kadina S.A: “Hi Peter, just want to say that you are an inspiration. My son Jack is 18, has Down syndrome, and also has no speech. You show just what can be achieved! Thank you Peter!!!!!”  [Facebook 6th August 2012]

From Catia Panetta:   “Hi Peter, we’ve just read all 4 of the Josh the Robot series and we love them – my favourite is the first because Josh learns that he iis special just as he thought all along. The illustrations are just beautiful, I wish I could hang them on my walls. You are amazingly talented.”  [Facebook, 25 September 2012]