In January 2010 Peter and other Brotherhood members participated in the first performance of their writings at the Queensland State Library in Brisbane. The collection of works was entitled ‘Air For The Birds’ – a title gleened from one of Peter’s poems* written at a Brotherhood meeting.

All of the poetic works had been written by Brotherhood members throughout 2009 under the creative guidance of Brisbane performance poet ‘Ghostboy’ (aka David Stavanger).

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David has been working closely with the Brotherhood ever since, inspiring them during their regular writing sessions to produce the texts for their subsequent public performances. He also produced the Brotherhood’s new anthology, launched in November 2012.

* Oh Board, my special amusement.

My true love, my fun time

My friend, my everything.

You are to me what air is to a bird.

Without you I cannot say a word.

With you around I can be absurd.

We sing, we prance, we have romance,

But one day I will have the chance

to play your letters

in a solo dance.