The Way Home-coverAs Peter says, “my children’s stories are one of the results of my ‘self-discovery’ journey”.

Indeed, The Way Home reveals something of Peter’s inner world and is a metaphor for his personal journey from being out in the world and learning to deal with strangers and be safe.

It is a simple but poignant tale of the unique relationship Peter shared with a special dog growing up on the farm in a world full of love but lacking the ability to communicate with those around him.

“No one could have guessed that behind the smiling face of the boy was a beautiful mind full of stories and ideas,” but “he learned to tell stories by talking to his brown dog about his thoughts and dreams.”

Together the boy and the dog venture into the city and discover “there were nasty people and nice people and sometimes he couldn’t tell the difference.”

This was one of the first stories Peter wrote, and came about during a session with his speech pathologist who was helping him deal with the aftermath of being abused in a care facility.

“If you want to go back to your family home you must never be afraid to do it. Your family is always there to help.”

Those who know Peter’s story will also know the full meaning behind these words.


There was a man who said:
“I will take you to my house”.
The boy and the dog growled, they did not like that man.
So the boy said to the man:
“No thank-you! I’ve got my own home!”

The boy realized he was much safer and better-off in his own home. He remembered his parents and how much
they loved him.
His parents would be worried.
The boy and the dog walked and walked
back to his home.