When a flashy new battery-operated robot arrives, the toys get worried that they will be replaced. It’s up to Josh to teach them that sometimes simple is better.


• don’t compare yourself with others

• big and flashy is not always better


The teddy bear walked up to the box that the robot came in and began to read…

“Robo-Cool-Mega-Fun 5000.
Lights and real walking action.
Voice-activated. Laser Beam.
Realistic Machine Gun sounds.
Roller Wheels and quick-action Pick-up Arms.
And uses only 15 size-D batteries!
Batteries not included.”

The toys with no batteries all began to cry – the wooden train, the rubber ducklings, the toy cars, the dolls, the army men and the rubber croc.

They were all very sad because they could not do the things that this new robot would be able to do…


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