Josh Goes to the Library-cover

The new book – ready for printing

Peter’s fifth book in the Josh the Robot series – Josh Goes to the Library – finally went off to the printer in July 2014, but this one was a long time coming and presented many new challenges for Peter.

In Josh Goes To the Library, Josh takes his toy friends to the library because they are bored at home and he thinks they will benefit from this new experience. But things don’t turn out quite as Josh expected when the toys are let loose in this strange new place.

Peter started work on the text and illustrations in July 2012 after successfully gaining a Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) grant through the Sunshine Coast Council.

Then to help research content and visuals for the new book, Peter visited the Noosa Library where he was able to interview the Children’s Librarian, Maureen O’Shea, to get ideas about how to portray the librarian visually and what issues to cover. He was keen to find out about noise in the library – and was surprised to learn that it isn’t the big issue it once was. But his time with a real librarian provided some helpful information for themes and characters to be included.

writing the Josh books

As with the previous four books, Peter was assisted in the writing process by writer/editor Marcia Tibbo, with his mother Betty facilitating

Working on the text and illustrations for the book created many new challenges and learning opportunities for Peter. In particular, the text is a lot longer and more detailed than the previous four books and he had to create new characters in a new setting.

We also had to find a new graphic designer but were fortunate to discover Alex Sweet on the Sunshine Coast who has done a marvelous job and worked very well with Peter.

“I didn’t know how this project would develop for me and I’m surprised at the joy and satsifaction it has given me,” says Alex. “I’m also surprised at how well Peter makes decisions and communicates them. Overall a rewarding experience for both of us …”

Working with Alex on the book layout and colouring of the book pages

Working with Alex on the book layout and colouring of the book pages


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