Before Peter ‘discovered’ Cheryl, he had several art teachers who helped and encouraged him with his art and illustrating his books. Nathalie Bastier helped Peter with the layout and preparation of the illustrations for his first three books. Later, Nici Wright organised Peter’s first exhibition (at home) in 2005 and another at the Maroochydore Library in 2008. She also assisted Peter with his illustrations for the Josh the Robot series.

During this period, Peter was also going through a process of recovery and healing from PTSD after abuse in a care facility. This was reflected in his art, which became an important outlet and form of expression for him.

Peter: “Painting… gives me the relief I sometimes need after a particularly bad day or night if my nightmares return. Then I get the colours out and draw the picture in my head and it helps to clear it away again.”

Faces featured strongly in these earlier works but these diminished as he and his art progressed, and the dark and angry colours were replaced with the bright, vibrant colours that are now so characteristic of his increasingly popular work…

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