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Peter has been entering his paintings into the Art From The Margins (AFTM) annual exhibitions since 2010, after encouragement from long time friend and Sunshine Coast artist, Ross Barber, who was then AFTM’s Community Development Coordinator for Art Projects.

Peter subsequently received an award for his entry – a series of three large paintings entitled Doorway Series 1-2-3, which were purchased by AFTM for their permanent collection.


Peter with his two entries in the AFTM 2011 exhibition

Since then Art From The Margins has continued to be strongly supportive of Peter and his art.

In March 2011 the new AFTM Coordinator, Anthony Anderton, helped organise an exhibition of Peter’s art along with his Josh the Robot book launch at Avid Reader Bookshop in West End, Brisbane.

Peter was also chosen by AFTM to be a featured artist at the Brisbane Square Library from May to July 2012 while AFTM’s permanent collection was on display. During the exhibition Peter’s Josh books featured in a couple of the library’s Saturday morning children’s book readings.

The Art From The Margins exhibitions are an annual, free event, as part of the Brisbane Festival.  At the 2012 AFTM exhibition, Peter again received recognition for both his paintings.

“Art from the Margins has meant the world to me with the assistance and support they have given to me ever since I first met up with them,” says Peter.  “I wouldn’t be anywhere near where I am now without their help and encouragement. I want to thank them very sincerely for everything they have done for me.  The awards and prizes I have received have been of immense value to me and their purchasing my painting was the proudest moment of my life.  Thank you all and God Bless you for the work you do.”

Photos from the AFTM 2010 exhibition launch …

About Art From The Margins

Art From The Margins (AFTM) was born beside an early morning coffee van for the homeless when a member of the Albert Street Uniting Church’s Servant Network chatted with an artist who was living in isolation. The artist spoke of the challenges artists like him were facing when they tried to display their work in public. From that conversation Wesley Mission Brisbane (WMB) made a commitment to assist artists whose artistic development is limited by homelessness, disability, disadvantage or isolation.

From its humble beginnings in 2008, AFTM has grown into an annual exhibition featuring over 350 works from 160 artists in AFTM2010. Although the majority of the work is from South East Queensland, some have come from as far away as Cape York and Tasmania.

The AFTM program now extends beyond the exhibitions. Development and mentoring programs have been established for artists, with studios available for selected artists. Links have also been established with the Heiser Gallery to assist with the nurturing of artists who have commercial potential. Finally WMB has established an AFTM Collection which, when large enough, will tour regional galleries throughout the country to help raise artists’ profiles.  [Source: Ian Airey, AFTM Convenor]

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